Czech glass bead jewellery workshop

Are you looking for anistress activities? Would you like to organise original team builiding? Would you like to surprise your partners or visitors?

We can prepare specific workshop for you with traditional Czech glass beads. Within our workshop you will learn basic technis of beading and every participant will create at least one piece of jewel.


Workshop can be prepared in different languages - English, Czech, Russian or Spanish.




O možnostech konání kurzů se prosím informujte na tel. číslech: +420 222 365 819, +420 734 844 468.
Pro firemní zákazníky a skupiny zájemců lze termín i místo konání kurzu zajistit dle požadavků klienta.
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Garant: Mgr. Viktoria O'Rourke

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Telefon:   222 365 819
Mobil:   734 844 468

Czech glass bead jewellery

Our trainer Mrs Viktoria O'Rourke has more than 10 years experience with Czech glass bead jewellery workshops and can accomodate the experience according your expectations.


Classes are available in Czech, English,  Spanish and Russian languages and can be held in your company or we can offer our studio in Prague 1.


The course includes all the components and selection of original Czech glass beads and each parcipitant can create and take home at least one original piece of jewellery.


The type of jewellery depends on your requierments - you can create necklace, pendant, earrings, bracelet, brooche or other.


Czech glass bead jewellery


Místo konání

Depends on you.

Can be at our premises in the historical heart of Prague, your workplace or somewhere else.

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