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Best Practices for Training of Senior Service Workers

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The ACE-Trainer project (2019-1-CZ01-KA202-078181) is focused on innovative development of the results of the successful ACE project (2014-1-CZ01-KA202-002058), which was completed in 2017. The principal outcome of ACE is a novel training system for workers caring for the elderly (Senior Service Worker Course or SSW Course in short). The uniform content of the SSW Course has been prepared in six languages of the ACE consortium (Czech, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian and English) and ACE-Trainer aimed to develop optimal training resources for the course.

The specific goals of the project were:

  1. Secure top-grade professional development for the SSW Course trainers;
  2. Detailed elaboration on the training methodology of the SSW Course;
  3. Extending the levels of the SSW Course utilization in the partnership countries.

The project was, for the most part, accomplished in a series of five joint trainer staff workshops focused on exchange of know-how and best practices of all participants. In structured workshop sessions participating trainers and experts enhanced their professional competences and, in the process, detailed lesson plans, worksheets and comprehensive methodology recommendations for training of senior care workers in the ACE SSW Course will be developed. Implementation of the project started in November 2020 and concluded in October 2022.

Improvements in professional development gained through the exchange of know-how and best practices with the other participants are reflected in improved quality of training services partnership members will be providing to their clients, public bodies, interest groups and other stakeholders, especially when delivering SSW Course training.

The enhanced SSW Course, which you can download, free of any charge, from here (SSW-Course ZIP file, 128 MB) contains the complete Senior Service Worker training system. The system is comprised by the following eleven components of the SSW-Course ZIP file:
  • CoursePlan ZIP file: The file contains a general description of the course, a list of the topics of the individual (7) course modules and the course syllabus. Furthermore, it details the structure of all course modules, describing their division into learning units and further division of units into individual lessons, showing classroom and field work class-hour allocation. All materials are written in English
  • Seven ZIP files named Module-1 to Module-7: These ZIP files contain learning materials for trainees and the methodology for trainers. In each module learning materials are organized by the learning units. The materials for trainers are held separately in "Trainer" folders. All training materials are available in six language versions: Czech (CZ), English (EN), German (DE), Hungarian (HU), Italian (IT) and Lithuanian (LT).
  • Worksheets ZIP file: This file contains worksheets for online self-evaluation of the trainees. The worksheets are available in six language versions: Czech (CZ), English (EN), German (DE), Hungarian (HU), Italian (IT) and Lithuanian (LT).
  • Methods-and-Tools PDF file, which contains the portfolio of 32 newly developed teaching methods and/or tools complementing the original learning and methodology materials of the SSW Course.
  • ECVET PDF file, which contains the competence validation and recognition system of the SSW Course, developed according to the standards for the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training.


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